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Chicago, IL

WE'RE AT WAR. It's the U.S. Government and its secret agencies and programs versus the State sponsored attackers versus the corporations versus the underground hackers, and the American people are caught right in the middle.

Or are they responsible? They vote at the polls, with their dollars, and with their attention to keep all these forces in power and maintain the status quo.

Cyber warfare is being waged, should we try to stop it, or to win it?

Flagship Beers

Tinfoil Hat Guy


"The tinfoil hat loonies were right all along"

You used to have to be pretty reckless about sticking your neck out to get placed under surveillance. Physical wiretaps, secret bugs, long-lens cameras and undercover operatives were the state of the art, and they were expensive. It was easy to make the argument that if you weren’t a troublemaker, you’d be okay.

In those days, people who thought the government was monitoring them were routinely dismissed as paranoid conspiracy theorists. If you went to extremes to escape government surveillance without actually being a high-level diplomat, a top executive, criminal, terrorist, or spy, you’d be crazy.

In those days, this harsh judgement may have been right, but it's now 2016, and on surveillance, the tinfoil hat brigade has been vindicated. Keep Reading...

Surveillance Van


"That pool cleaner's van has been parked out on the street for over four hours. No one's pool is that dirty."

Turn on any cop show, and the surveillance always seems pretty straightforward. There are always a couple of guys in a van and maybe another two in a car outside some apartment building. But the truth is, real surveillance is much more subtle. Keep Reading...

Big Brother


For a while, every time I borrowed a book from my local library in Washington, D.C., I was greeted by an Orwellian poster: “Big Brother Is Watching You!” I often wondered if others paused to reflect on the implication of these words, if they understood how profoundly living under surveillance distorts a society. It transforms your perspective, your manners, your relationships with friends, colleagues, students, with every waiter and cabdriver you meet. It changes your relationship with yourself. Keep Reading...



Just like the fluffly white clouds left behind airplanes criss-crossing the sky, this virulent bio-toxin soup was created to facilitate a depopulation agenda. Drink carefully to avoid unwittingly controlling the weather, making the population sick, or partaking in other "geoengineering" activities.

Smoke Screen


We see you, NSA. We're not stupid.

Hey, what's that shiny thing over there?!

Seasonal Releases

The NSA Is Coming to Town


"They see you when you’re sleeping, they know when you’re awake…"

After months of investigations, cups of coffee, and arm-twisting interrogation tactics, we’ve discovered a shocking truth. The government group that has allegedly been spying on us, known as the “NSA”, is actually a cover group for a little-known organization with headquarters near the North Pole. Yes, the National Santa Agency.

Coming Soon...


Bad government agencies, good beer.

Tinfoil Hat Brewery is an undercover operation based somewhere in Chicago. Our beer was first weaponized and perfected in 2015 under the assumption that no one was watching. Soon after, an unknown attack vector was exploited by a nation-state actor, and within hours Tinfoil Hat knockoffs became the best selling beers in China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia.

Now no amount of feigned public outrage and hyperbolic mouth-frothing can stand in our way. Drink our beer and become a co-conspirator!


The Brewer

Snowden had his NSA docs. Assange had his leaks. Matt Kopecki has his beer. Get in contact!